Vibrations-Point d'Orgue

Vibrations-Point d'Orgue

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Vibrations - Point d'Orgue


Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon

Vibrations-Point d'Orgue, the third part of my trilogy, is an album designed with the aim of providing resolutely soothing sensations, in opposition to the anxiety-inducing vibrations emitted by a rapidly changing world, the frenzied rhythm of which upsets all our points of reference. Composed of 10 free floating and unconventional tracks, this musical work allows one to walk unhindered outside the boundaries of space and time.


Inspiration is an essential engine of our existence which is why Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon chose to build his album around this concept*.

To inspire / To find inspiration is, in both cases, to give birth to a new breath

Performed, composed, arranged & produced by Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon for Mirabellen Music.

Published by Mirabellen Editions



























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