Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon

composer - arranger - pianiste

Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon, author, composer, producer, arranger and pianist, was born and lives in Paris. He has been a member of SACEM since 1987 and became a “definitive member” in 2009. 

A self-made musician, he has worked extensively on soundtracks for Film and TV productions from a young age on, never losing sight of his main concern which was to keep a perpetually open mind while remaining essentially free and ruthlessly eclectic in his artistic choices. 

This has led him to compose for various types of supports : TV, film, corporate video production, live events etc…

To mention but a few cinematic references, he has written the original soundtracks for Alain Robbe-Grillet's "Gradiva" (cast: Arielle Dombasles & James wilby) or Charlotte Silvera's "Escalade" (cast : Carmen Maura, François Berléand)

He has also produced and composed several music albums such as "Zartong" for the French-Armenian songstress Yerso (a sonic fresco honoring the victims of the 1915 Armenian genocide, which combines covers of traditional chants and original compositions). This album won 2 Armenian Music Awards (best modern contemporary album & best album cover), in November 2001 at the Glendale's Alex Theatre - Los Angeles/ U.S.A.

In 2006, while his father was in the final stages of Parkinson's disease, he felt the urge to record his first solo album : " Silences".

It wasn't until 2012, that he decided to resume this personal undertaking by elaborating the concept "Espaces | Temps | Ralentir" (Spaces | Time | Slowing down), an album which was recorded at Davout Studios between 2013 and 2015 with the Symphonifilm Orchestra directed by Steve Journey.

These two singular albums addressing the theme of the human and space-time, form the first two parts of a trilogy, the third part of which is in production will be released in 2020.




These years were devoted to personal work :
Development of the trilogy : Conception, recordings and production of Espaces-Temps-Ralentir & Variations-Point d’Orgue
Collaborations with artist-videographer Stéphane Trois Carrés :

  • Ambulation- Déambulation - 2017- (Walking / Wandering) - Visual and audio poem of 25 ’produced by Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon and Stéphane Trois Carrés, in an artist residency as part of the POLENOVO A-I-R PROGRAM 2017 in Russia. This work has been presented at the French Institute in Moscow and in Paris at SCAM.
  • Décalage - 2018 -  3D digital artwork of Stéphane Trois Carrés/ Scam




Laboratoires Filorga Paris : original compositions for internal communication & advertising films as well as ambiant music for the institutes.

Longchamp Paris : customized musical editings for 3 fashion shows.

Original soundtrack for Frédérique Pollet-Rouyer's documentary film "Né sous Z" France 2/ Ina. (Co-composed with Dragan Urlic).

Original soundtrack for Charlotte Silvera's film : "Escalade" (cast : Carmen Maura, François Berléand…)

Jury member at the 30th film festival of La Ciotat in 2012, under the chairmanship of the film director, Pascal Thomas.

Original soundtrack for Alain Robbe-Grillet's film : "Gradiva" (cast : Arielle Dombasle & James Wilby).

CD album "Nais Touke !". various artists (Loulou Djine). as co-composer of the song "Mala Vreca" and co-arrangement of the traditional song. "Bembasa" (with Dragan Urlic).

CD album "Baknez" Ezerki & 7/8 : as co-producer with Bruno Urlic.

Original soundtrack for Jérôme-Cécil Auffret's documentary film "Au royaume des titans" 

CD album "Fragment". Loulou Djine : as co-producer with Dragan Urlic 

CD album "Distances" Marianne Diaz : as producer, composer and author.

CD album "Balk'n Sounds". as co-producer, co-composer, co-author & co-arranger (with Dragan Urlic).

CD album "Silences" : As an artist - 1st album under his own name, co-produced with Thomas Vingtrinier at Studio Sequenza. 2006 

CD album "Zapad". Loulou Djine : as co-producer and co-composer on 2 tracks (with Dragan Urlic). 

Original musical composition for Compagnie Les farfadets.




Original soundtracks for twenty five 90 minut TV fictions between 1999 et 2005/ Raspail productions/ M6.

Original soundtrack for Caroline Tresca's documentary film: "Un enfant si je peux" Rendez-vous prod/ France2. (Co-composed with Anita Bonan).

CD album "Zartong/Heroes" Yerso.: as producer, composer & arranger as well as arranger for traditional songs. This album won 2 Amfa Awards including that of best album in Los Angeles U.S.A. November 2001

Original musical compositions and live performing on piano & keys for the show : "Rimbaud, la poésie fout le camp" of and with Richard Martin. Toursky theatre/ Marseille. 2004.




Française des Jeux : different original compositions for "the great summer tours of french Loto" - 1993 and 1994 (co-composed with Anita Bonan).

Original soundtracks for the short length films : 

"L'invasion des carottes géantes"/ Pascal Tosi (Cast : Pauline Laffont, Thierry Redler, Michel Crémadès)
"Impacts"/ Rémy Giordano (Cast : Philippe Vieux, Pascale Barouk)
"D14" / Frédéric Blasco (Cast : Claude Piéplu, Dider Bénureau, Jean-Pierre Muel)
"Ayrton la bête" / Rémy Burkel (Cast : Didier Flamand : voix Ayrton, Eliott Maintigneux) 

Original soundtracks for documentary films : 

"L'homme et l'éléphant" / Vijay Singh (Boréales/ Canal+)
"Les speakerines" / Rémy Burkel (Chrisalides Films/ Canal+)

Original soundtracks for advertising films: 

Rover mini, Playmobil, Coral, Kellogg's, Cire Abeille

Original soundtracks for corporate films : 

IFP, Biotherm, Groupama, Jaguar club




Between 1988 and 1991 : First steps in the field of music for audiovisual communication, working for Matador's studios & Flagrant délit productions :
Original sountracks for corporate films: Matra, SPI Batignolles, Crif, Lyonnaise des eaux, Rhône Poulenc, La croix rouge, Air France, Dumez, Compaq, Chèques vacances, IFP, Fnac…
A few compositions for short tv programs during this period (La cinq, France2) and countless editings for advertisement films (Polygram Music/ Universal Music-France-, Sony, BMG, EMI, Virgin, etc…)

Creation in 1985 of the musical duet "Faux" with the canadian composer and painter Bruce Dunnet. The duet recorded a 45's single, one song of which entitled "Feet" was chosen as the opening track for the "Pop Club" (José Arthur's radio show on France Inter) during one week.
The duet also performed their music on stage (many multi-media concerts in Paris at Café de la danse, Palace, Club A, Cultural Canadian Center etc…) 

Compagnie La Clépsydre/ Stephanie Roussel : Original musical compositions for "Terre de Sienne" (1985)
Compagnie KMK : Original musical compositions/ collaboration on 4 créations between 1985 & 1994.




Creation of several bands (free Jazz & fusion).

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