The 3 albums of the trilogy, "Silences", "Espaces-Temps-Ralentir" and "Vibrations-Point d’Orgue" are now available on CD on this website !!!


To receive them (it), please send a message via the CONTACT tab of the website. To listen to a bit of each track of an album and know more about it, click on its cover on the CD/ALBUMS tab


Those albums are also available on all legal download and streaming platforms worldwide !!! (IMUSICIAN DIGITAL distribution)








The last part of the trilogy "Vibrations-Point d’Orgue" is available on CD  and digital platforms worldwide since November 2020


Receive the CD (s) of the trilogy by sending a message via the CONTACT tab of the site.

1 CD (Digipack + Booklet) = 12€ + shipping costs from Belgium.


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Moon Variation

Extract from the album « Silences »


On stage

 Concert Theatre Lepic



Extract from the album « Espaces-Temps-Ralentir »


Last update : 10/02/2021