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Silences, 2006, digital release : 31’st of january 2020
Espace-Temps-Ralentir, 2015, digital release : 31’st of january 2020
Vibrations-Point d’orgue, digital release planned Current 2020


Three unique and autonomous musical works linked by a central theme :

a reflection on the human and space-time.




Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon’s trilogy is the result of a work that spans over 14 years (2006 - 2020). This strong, complex, thought provoking and accomplished musical work, wonders about the place of Man in a world which, despite - or perhaps "because of" - its hyper modernity, seems to have never been so destabilized . Speech, transmission, silence, emotions, imagination, the flight of time, finding onself in space, the tumultuous journey of life, the need to slow down : So many themes that cross this opus. Its originality is that each album has been conceived as an autonomous work, in spite of the trilogy.   


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image002 Silences (2006): in the beginning was the intimate


The album Silences is the first part of a trilogy that Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon has developed over the years and will be completed soon with the release of the third part: "Vibrations - Point d'orgue", currently being written.


Silences was inspired from a personal dilema. Because of his father's illness, then at the end of his life, Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon was confronted with the difficulty of speaking, of communicating with him. From then on, for Jacques-Emmanuel, music will replace speech. Thus was born Silences, a creative gesture that is almost visceral. This album is a conversation - here between a father and his son. It is therefore a question of communication but also of transmission.


This album has been interpreted in voluntarily extreme conditions: the 15 tracks that compose it were entirely improvised and one take recorded behind the piano, at the studio "Sequenza" in Paris, in a state close to trance. It is thus a raw recording, that has preseved the slags and all these small defects which find their meaning. The violin and the cello were added later, in post-production.


image004 Espaces-Temps-Ralentir (2015):" The goal is nothing but the path to experience and live again…"


Unlike Silences, Espaces-Temps-Ralentir is a long-thought work, cleverly constructed. With this album, we get out of the intimate to go to the universal. It is therefore quite logically that we move from the solo piano of the album "Silences" to a large orchestra of 40 musicians, from a singular work to a plural, polyphonic work.

Evoking the world of today and this crazy and oppressive race that hyper modernity imposes on us, Espaces-Temps-Ralentir speaks of the need to pause, take a breath, a reckoining of knowing how to let go.



An interior and contemplative voyage


This is an interior and contemplative voyage made up of nine titles forming a whole. Espaces-Temps-Ralentir brings us back to a multitude of sensations - strong, sweet, joyful, soothing, painful ... - felt at different moments of our existence. This journey is strewn with words, deposited here and there by a mesmerizing voice, a voice that guides us throughout the album. Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon has composed a real sensory fresco that can be for each of us, "a path to experience and live again".

This work exists on the album in two versions, with and without voice.


The music, recorded at the legendary studio Davout, was played and performed by the Symphonifilm orchestra, under the direction of Steve Journey. The spoken voices are those of actress Céline Duhamel and Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon.



Unity and complementarity of the trilogy


Silences and Espaces-Temps-Ralentir are two complementary albums: if they can be listened independently of each other, they do not stop echoing, because both of them put the human being back to the center of our thoughts. The third part will be the highlight of this trilogy.

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