Espaces | Temps | Ralentir

Espaces | Temps | Ralentir

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Espaces | Temps | Ralentir


Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon

"Espaces | Temps | Ralentir" (Spaces | Time | Slowing down) is the direct result of Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon's wish to process in music and words, universal themes that are dear to him like existence or perception of things or events.
He ventures into a contemplative voyage, the overview of a life layered with sensations and guided by a voice, a kind of GPS unit capable of emotion, scattering words here and there along the path, building up an impressionistic picture. Indeed, this picture depicts a specific life - Rousselon's -, but it might as well represent anyone's life, anyone who, in turn, would venture in this sensory fresco.
The Symphonifilm Orchestra performs this musical journey conducted by the excellent maestro Steve Journey (Who could make that up !), along with the bewitching voices of actress Céline Duhamel and the composer himself.

See that music, just see it, with its voices, its signposts.
It's running, blowing, stumbling???
It's nestling place, keeping afloat, recovering???
And there it goes again???
Hitting the road???
It is a movie,
One to be devised
From a script already lived but still awaiting filming.
The story is still secret while the pendulum opens up its space.
Movements. Laws of dynamics.
That story won't stay in your ear,
It will creep up your mind and dive further down,
Down to your back, your heart, the arteries of your legs.
The goal is nothing but the path to experience and live again,
I am not making that up,
It just shows, I tell you.

Eric Sarner, writter, about the album "Espaces | Temps | Ralentir".

Words & music written by Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon

Produced by Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon for Mirabellen Music

Edited by Mirabellen Editions

Arranged for orchestra by Steve Journey

Executive production by PolyChrone / Clément Praud

Music performed by SymphoniFilm orchestra, conducted by Steve Journey



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