Atom Project (en)

Atom Project

Another "path to experience and live again"

As its name suggests, Atom Project revolves around a central core which is the lexico-musical concept "Espaces | Temps | Ralentir" (Spaces | Time | Slowing down).
Atom Project is an invitation to creation and sharing.
In an ever faster-moving world, Atom Project offers a welcome opportunity to awaken our sensations and long-forgotten emotions while allowing us to catch our breath as we plunge into a deep state of contemplation.
The idea behind this project is to encourage a variety of artistic collaborations involving different disciplines, all centered around and gravitating towards the above-mentioned concept "Espaces  | Temps | Ralentir". 
Some are already in preparation…


scenography sensations concerts emotions words cinema 

music existence contemplation slowing down temporality 

shapes colours sciences thinking light



The beginnings

In 2006, while his father was in the final stages of Parkinson's disease, Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon felt the urge to record his first solo album : "Silences".
In 2012, he decided to resume this personal undertaking and started elaborating the concept "Espaces | Temps | Ralentir".
As the years went by, the project began to take shape in his mind ; his main objective was to process, in both music and words, universal themes that are dear to him such as existential questionings or the perception of things and events, in a transitional age where one civilisation is quickly being replaced by another.



Espaces | Temps | Ralentir

It is a contemplative voyage, the overview of a life layered with sensations and guided by a voice, a kind of GPS unit capable of emotion, scattering words here and there along the path, building up an impressionistic picture. Indeed, this picture depicts a specific life, Rousselon's, but it might as well represent anyone's life, anyone who, in turn, would venture into this sensory fresco.

The Symphonifilm Orchestra performs this musical journey conducted by the excellent Steve Journey (who could make that up !) along with the bewitching voices of actress Céline Duhamel and of the composer himself.


Symphonifilm Orchestra
Last update : 03/12/2016