Espaces | Temps | Ralentir

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"Espaces | Temps | Ralentir" (Spaces | Time | Slowing down) is the direct result of Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon's wish to process in music and words, universal themes that are dear to him like existence or perception of things or events.


Upcoming dates




  • April 2017 (28, 29, 30)

    We will be present at the MUSICORA SHOW in "La Grande halle de La Villette" Paris, at the "Pavillon des Labels", stand n° Fa2.

    Come and meet us on our stand !

Atom Project

"The goal is nothing but the path to experience and live again…"


"Espaces | Temps | Ralentir" is not only an album but also and mostly the starting point of a project called "Atom project"...
A new album, a new project…
This is where it all begins… Listen, discover, travel…

How to get the CDs ?



Both albums (Espaces | Temps | Ralentir & Silences) are available for purchase on the website's shop.

Espaces | Temps | Ralentir

new album


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